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August 9, 2012
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.:First Impressions:. by AmigoGirl .:First Impressions:. by AmigoGirl
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Sorry for the emoticon overload, but man, I am so happy with how this turned out! I just freaking love it to death and I want this little colt to be real so I can hug him till I die. After I placed the bid for him I wasnt sure if I still want him, so I lowered, but now I am SO excited I won! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

Anyway, now to calm down...*le sigh*


Both Zane and Karen were heading to the stables to check the stall. All the team was sweating from the effort and was trying their best to seem calm and happy. The ''inspection'' was quick and ended up with a good result. Suddenly, the horses's mood started to change from calm to allert. The sound of Zane's phone scared them. Quicly trying to shut down the machine, Zane began to look for the phone in his pockets.

''Fu...Oh wait, found it.'' he said before answering. ''Zane here. Yes. Yep, of course, we are on our way.
Guys, we need to go. The foal is here.''

Karen didnt really like Zane. Or, better said, she likes him, but she tries not to. She thinks that he is too selfish, too obsessed with control and way too easy-going, this only refering to relationships. The truth is that he can be sometimes the way Kay describes him, but he is also a true animal lover, ambitious and lets be serious, he is indeed good looking. Karen knows these things, all the positive and the negative parts that her friend and co-worker has, but she is the kind that denies the attraction to someone as dangerous as him.
But today, the day that the foal was going to arrive, she forgot everything and looked at him with other eyes. He was suddenly caring...he was suddenly happy. That foal that he never really saw changed something in him. For a reason or another, he was different.

The staff was waiting in front of the main house for the trailer to arrive. Soon nough, the car's noise could be heard from the big gate. All of them seemed pretty excited, all but Zane.
Finally, the car was there and the crowd started to gossip about different things. While Karen was leading the foal out of the trailed, the silence killed them all. A quite big warmblood colt was now staring at them like he just saw a ghost. So were they. Zane broke the silence.

Zane: ''Holy shit he's beautiful!'' :iconiloveitplz:

Karen: ''I think he is a bit skinny?''

Zane: ''What?'' :iconimrlynotimpressedplz:

Karen: ''He seems a bit skinny''

Someone from the staff: ''Indeed''

Zane: ''I think that's his conformation. Did any of you ever saw a Dutch Warmblood before?''

Karen: ''But we saw other kind of Warmbloods before.''

Zane: ''He is fine.''

Karen: ''Well, he really is beautiful. Look at those big sweet eyes.''

Zane (while looking through the papers): ''Its a note here from Ashley.''

Karen: ''What does she want?''

Zane: ''She sais that she would love if the foal would be owned and trained by us two. And that she will give us the opportunity to also name him.''

Karen: ''Thats very nice of her!''

Zane: ''But it means we together.''

Karen: ''so?'' :iconlll-plz:

Zane: ''Well, personally, I am more the fine with that but I thought you will have a problem.''

Karen: ''I can learn to stand you for the sake of the foal''

Zane: ''Liarface. You just want to kiss me when no one looks.'' :iconcoolguyshadesplz:

Karen: ''Zane, if you say that again I will broke your nose.'' :iconfrownyfaceplz:

Zane: "Right, like I dont know that truth. How shall we name him?'' :iconsothereplz:

Karen: ''....''

Zane: ''...''

Karen: ''How about Taladinn?''

Zane: ''What kind of name is this?''

Karen: ''Idk, i just like how it sounds.''

Zane: ''Okay then. Come Taladinn, let me introduce you to your new home.''

Horse Informations

Name: RFS Taladinn
Gender: Colt
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Age: Foal

Height: Projected 1.65m
Coat: Smoky Black Sabino
Ee Ata Cr cr Sb sb

Discipline: Dressage
Rider/trainer: Zane and Karen

Sire x Dam: RA The Finnish Patient x BEC Hush A Bye
Breeding restrictions: Will only be bred to purebred warmblood mares when he reaches the proper age. :bulletred: Breeding closed,too young.
Character: agreable colt with good disposition for high demands of dressage training, very dependent on his rider and eager to please
Foals: N/A

Best Friends Portrait Yearling commission Portrait

References =NyappyMAL and ~AJK-Original-Stock
Art *AmigoGirl
Taladinn's design *life-d-sign
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